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 Click them! Click them all!!

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PostSubject: Click them! Click them all!!   Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:15 am

Click this one first!! This is Razberry! It's a she!

This one second! This is my oldest egg, but still hasn't hatched!! You people need to click on it really bad!! Post it in your signatures!! I'll give you the codes!! Please!!

This one thrird! I got this one the other day.

This one fourth! And this one.

This one fifth! And this one today. Though this one has the least amount of views or clicks so it would be much appreciated if you could all view and click on it. This one is the most important to be clicked on.

If you have clicked on them before please click on them again! I want my children to grow up strong and healthy! If oyu want to adopt one yourself, cause they're lots a fun (hee hee), click here.


Have you checked for new Announcements today?

You know you want to click it!

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Click them! Click them all!!
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