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 The Story Character Info

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Cat Slave
Cat Slave

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PostSubject: The Story Character Info   Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:05 pm

Okay so I only have the info for Jesse and Lisa so everyone else needs to put the other characters on.

Name: Lisa Amoroso

Gender: Female

Race: Fairy


[/b]Birthdate:[/b] September 30th 1991

Height: Shortish

Weight: Same weight as her real size which is very small and light so she has to wear weights in her shoes or she'll be blown away.

Beliefs/Religion: Everything has to be fair...with exceptions in her case.

Family Background: She comes from a rich family. They adopted her when she was small and have spoiled her rotten and given her everything she wanted, thus allowing her to form the childlike opinion that the world revolves around her.

Quirks: She has no sense of direction and will get lost anywhere, even in the hallway outside her room.

Birthplace: England

Possesions: Unlimited Visa Card, teddy bear, shoe weights

Pets:None, her teddy bear is the closest thing to a pet for her.

Likes:yummy food (especially sugary sweets!!), compliments, friends, and of course getting what she wants

Dislikes:Spinach, and nasty weather, in particular fans or anything that creates wind.

Fears: Scientists - One of her friend's dad's was a scientist in the human school she used to go to and when she went over his place she saw a bunch of butterflies pinned up on walls and in jars. Except not all of them were butterflies. Some of them were fairies. So now she has a fear of scientists cause she's 74 she will suffer the same fate if she goes near them.
She also fears needles and all that sci-ency stuff, being alone, and spooky things.

Hobbies: Gymnastics, dancing

Occupation: Student (first time)

Personality: A bit like a child in that she knows what is good and evil but doesn't really care or think it applies to her. She looks up to anyone who is better than her at skills she values and she never wants to grow up. EVER!! She can't lie but because of this she's good at twisting the truth. She doesn't really bother with tests unless she wants attention or something in return for a good mark, but she's pretty smart. She's hard to anger but when she gets really angry she turns sadistic and creepy and will stoop to anything to get revenge. She used to hide her wings and ears at the human school so out of reflex she does it at the academy too so at the moment no one knows she's a fairy except for Lauren and Eloise.

Relationships: - Lisa's descriptions-
Chesea: Intimidating
Eloise: A nice friend with awesome fashion sense.
Drake: The vampire guy who stalks Eloise. I feel sorry for her.
Lauren: Great and loyal friend...except when she's angry...but that's what Dante's there for Very Happy
Dante: The guy that does anything Lauren says. In other words her slave.
Jesse: Confusing...One minute he's nice and the next minute he's turned evil!!

Powers: Can shrink, time displacement- but only for short amounts of time - it basically allows her to run faster with her heavy weight shoes and gives her good agility. But it's limited. She also heals pretty quickly.
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Cat Slave
Cat Slave

Posts : 552
Join date : 2008-10-15
Age : 27
Location : somewhere in reality

PostSubject: Re: The Story Character Info   Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:21 pm


Name: Jesse

Age: 17

Race: Half angel Half demon

Birthdate: 12th July

Weight: 70 kilograms

Good Jesse: Treats everyone else like how he would like to be treated.
Bad Jesse: Does whatever he wants.

Quirks: Jesse renames nearly everything he comes across.

Intelligence: Smart (cause he's rather old!!)

Birthplace: Australia

Status: Rich

Possessions: Lisa (or so he thinks. Just you wait Mwahahahaha)

Likes: Cats, puppies and all cute things, though he'll never admit it.

Dislikes: Idiots, and weak people.

Fears: Ha! I fear nothing...except someone stealing away Lisa...and maybe vegetables...

Hobbies: Tai kwon do and Park-our/Ninja training

Occupation: Student refreshing his memory

Height: Tallish

Good Jessie: Nice, Social
Evil Jessie: Cheeky, Mischievous and yeah...evil

Most prized possession: Lisa!! Very Happy !! (Dude she's not a possession!!)

Psychological Condition: Has Split Personalities (I know! He needs serious help!!)

Chelsea: Twin sister. Loves her like a sister. Good Jesse looks up to her (admiration).
Eloise: She's a funny character. I can't believe she can't see that Drake's a vampire even though she's so obsessed about them.
Drake: I understand his craving for blood and all but dude his stalking skills suck!!
Lauren: Heh...the shorty. She's fun to aggravate. (Everyone else: O.o are you nuts!?)
Dante: He's a wimp!

Powers: Awesome fighting skills and can fly.
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The Story Character Info
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