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 For those who wish to post stuff

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For those who wish to post stuff Empty
PostSubject: For those who wish to post stuff   For those who wish to post stuff Icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2008 8:58 am

If you wish to be able to contribute to the contents of the forum, instead of just reading the stuff written by strange people like myself, then please send me a private message once you have registered and I will do some stuff with usergroups and all that so you can post.
This is to try and prevent stuff from getting onto my forum that I really don't want. Please be patient, and I will try and get onto it as soon as possible... I promise to try not to be too lazy! king

Hahahaha! And none of you can post replies to this thing in this forumy section thing! That's right! And I did that on purpose too! It wasn't just a fluke! For those who wish to post stuff 633856 See?! I so understand what I'm doing on this forum! That's right I do! For those who wish to post stuff 433301
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For those who wish to post stuff
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