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 The Story (the new one)

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The Story (the new one) Empty
PostSubject: The Story (the new one)   The Story (the new one) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 10:58 am

-Eloise’s POV-

There it was again! The sound of footsteps coming from somewhere in the room she had just left. Well, maybe not quite footsteps, but definitely the methodical creaking of the floor that could mean nothing else. Eloise glanced back along the corridor, the familiar sense of unease settling once more in the pit of her stomach. Where was everyone? She hadn’t seen a single person since lunchtime, and no one seemed to be in their classrooms or common rooms. Why did they all have to do a disappearing act now?! Why did they always have to disappear moments before her stalker arrived?!
For weeks now, Eloise had been stalked by this phantom. At first she had thought it all to be a joke and one she hoped the stalker would quickly tire of. But this was now far beyond a joke! She had not been able to sleep properly in weeks for fear that this stalker would pop up out of nowhere. And knowing the sort of students that went to this school she would not have been surprised if they did. While being the only human at this school had its advantages, it had made her the target of many practical jokes and if it hadn’t have been for her room mates Lauren, and Lisa, Eloise doubted that she would have lasted in this school more than a couple of weeks.
As quietly as she could Eloise hurried to the end of the corridor and tripped round the corner.
“A dead end?!” she gasped, gazing up in horror at the wall at the end of the corridor. How did a dead end get here?! Eloise had walked through this corridor this morning on the way to breakfast! No, wait. She was thinking of the floor above this one. Dammit!
Scrambling to her feet, Eloise took a tentative step backwards, away from the corridor, towards the dead end. Holding her breath, Eloise strained to catch the sound of her stalker’s footsteps. Nothing. Had they given up? Please, let him have given up. Cautiously she took a step and...walked into something that did not feel very much like a wall. Spinning around, Eloise stared in horror at...nothing. What the hell was going on in here?! Quickly Eloise took a step back towards the corridor, she was getting out of here before her legs gave out from sheer terror.
Suddenly a cold hand grabbed her, expertly covering her mouth and shoving her against a wall. Arms pinned to her sides, she stared in horror at the man in front of her. Where did she know him from? No, that wasn’t the appropriate question here. How the hell was she supposed to get away from him?! She was going to die. That was all there was to it. She had never been any good at self defense; the only reason she had made it halfway through her self-defence class course was because of sympathy. In fact she had been so bad her teacher had told her there was little point in continuing the class. And that was against other humans, let alone against some supernatural thing! She could hear the blood pounding in her ears.
Her captor smiled an evil smile. A smile graced by the presence of two rather long canines! A vampire?! No, he didn’t fit the description of a vampire. Well the teeth fitted in quite nicely, the cold skin and the superhuman speed and strength all worked, but this guy was missing one vital thing; he smelled too good. Eloise had read in a book that a true vampire always had a strong musty smell about them, which this guy was lacking.
But what did that matter at a time like this?! Even if this guy was only deluded into thinking he was a vampire he could still kill her if he bit her and drained her of all blood. Pointlessly she struggled; if she was going to die, then she was going down attempting to kick and scream.
“Drake”, came a voice from the end of the corridor. Turning her head as much as her captor’s iron grip would allow, Eloise caught sight of her saviour. It was Mr. Blackwood, one of the teachers, and he didn’t look too impressed.
“Not in the corridors please.” He said frowning at...Drake? Was that his name? Rolling his eyes, Drake let her go. Her legs giving way, Eloise slid to the floor, as relief flooded through her.
“And what are you both doing up here anyway?” he continued, “You at leat, Miss Bonner, are supposed to be down in the main hall for the assembly.”
“Assembly?!” she croaked, “I’d completely forgotten!” Stupid memory never remembered anything important! Well at least that would explain the strange disappearance of the school’s population.
Raising his eyebrows and giving a furtive look at Drake he said,
“Well maybe it would be best if you went back to your room and had a rest until everybody returns. I’m sure you won’t have missed much. You can make your own way back to your room? Good. And Drake, I wish to speak with you in my office”. Giving Eloise one last look, he motioned for Drake to follow him and disappeared around the corner, tailed closely by Drake.
Taking a deep breath, Eloise wobbled her way back to her room. At least she now knew who her stalker was.

.Lauren’s POV.

“Where the hell is that girl?!” growled Lauren, ”She asks us to wait for her outside the hall and never even shows up! What’s the bet she forgot again!”
“I’m sure she has a reason!” replied Lisa,” I mean, she couldn’t have forgotten something like this, the teachers have been reminding us to go to this assembly for days! And surely she would have noticed that no one was around and realised it was because of the assembly. Not even Eloise could be that stupid.”
Lauren sighed, pulling open the door to their room. “I wouldn’t be so sure...” and found Eloise huddled in the corner. Lauren’s ears flattened and her tail twitched threateningly.
“Eloise! What the **** are you ****ing doing her? Were you here the whole time we were stuck in that dead boring assembly?! Why didn’t you bloody tell me you were skipping?” Lisa would have normally backed away when Lauren began a rant but Eloise had looked so 74 when they had come in.
“Is this how you treat..”
“Lauren?” Lisa interjected.
Lauren spun around and glared, her pupils thinned to slits. Eloise took this opportunity to escape to the bathroom.
“What is it Lisa?” Lauren’s overly calm voice was betrayed by her twitching tail. Lisa backed away timidly, fidgeting with her arms in anxiety.
“Um, are you really mad?” she asked nervously. Lauren froze. Was Lisa that ignorant? Couldn’t she tell that she was now beyond angry? Fuming, Lauren forced a calm smile to appear on her face. She slowly walked towards Lisa, anger building up with every step until she felt she was going to explode. Leaning in towards her, she forcefully grabbed the collar of her dress.
The impact of her voice was so strong that Lisa’s hair flew back and she flattened her sensitive ears protectively. Tears welled up in her eyes as Lisa looked up at Lauren in hurt, causing Lauren to be overwhelmed with guilt. Lauren’s eyes widened in alarm as she realised what she had done.
“Lisa...I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I just blanked out” she stuttered in panic as Lisa burst into tears and ran out into the hallway. Lauren sank down to her knees and put her head in her hands, her anger at Eloise long forgotten. Her guilt intensified as the image of Lisa’s crying face replayed itself repeatedly in her head. Lauren sighed sadly as Eloise popped her head timidly out of the bathroom door. Lauren growled in frustration and the door snapped shut with a loud bang. Then, walking out of the room, she went to search for Lisa.

~Lisa’s POV~

Lisa ran down the hallway sobbing. After gaining a fair distance, she slowed down and pulled out a tape player from the sleeve of her dress. She smiled mischievously to herself as she replayed the sound of Lauren’s shouting voice. Now she finally had the proof she needed to sign Lauren up for compulsory anger management classes. Lauren had been trying to control her anger over the past few days, but Lisa knew that this wasn’t something Lauren could do alone. And so the courageous Lisa had taken action! However when she had tried to sign Lauren up for these classes earlier the stupid teacher had said that she needed proof to enrol Lauren in the class. And so, when Lauren had shown signs of anger while waiting for Eloise, Lisa knew that this was a chance she could not afford to miss. And so she had sneakily slipped away and grabbed her tape recorder. How clever of her!!
Lisa halted as she reached the anger management teacher’s office and knocked on the door. The teacher opened it with a look of surprise as he stared down at the little girl in front of him.
“Hello Lisa, what can I do for you?” he asked curiously. Lisa smiled brightly, and handed him the tape.
“Now Lauren can be put into the class right?” she asked. The teacher played the tape and nodded quietly to himself as he listened to Lauren’s shouting. Lisa smiled.
“Good” she said happily. She paused for a moment as her ears twitched in the air, picking up a faraway sound. A look of panic spread across her face as she recognised it.
“Look I have to go but please no matter what, son’t tell Lauren about htis! Just tell her that her teacher enrolled her because of her attitude in class!” The teacher nodded.
“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me” he said, tapping his nose knowingly. Lisa’s face relaxed as she sighed in relief. Then running away, she went to find a place where Lauren would find her.

*Chelsea’s POV*

Chelsea stared down Drake. Drake whimpered.
“Okay so explain this to me again...without the lies.”
In the history of the universe there had never been a vampire as pitiful looking as Drake. After Drake had explained and been bruised a few extra times for good measure Chelsea announced,
“Well you must make this up to her and I have the perfect way.” Chelsea’s smile did nothing to reassure Drake. Dragging Drake, Chelsea hummed a happy tune and skipped happily down the hall.
“Now, now Chelsea poor Drake here looks rather battered. Perhaps you shouldn’t be dragging him with such vigour” Mr Blackwood’s smooth voice interrupted.
Drake groans, Chelsea beamed.
“Chelsea I think you and I are going to have to have a chat. There appears to be an empty classroom over there.” Chelsea hissed
“You wait here or I will hurt you.” Drake resigned himself to waiting for Chelsea’s punishment. If he ran he knew she’d think up a worse one.
Chelsea skipped to the empty room and Mr Blackwood glides behind her. When the door closed behind Mr Blackwood Chelsea could no longer contain herself.
“Tristan!” she yelled when she threw herself at him.
He smirked.
“Someone’s been a naughty girl...she really is in need of some discipline.”
At this point Chelsea was kissed by a very bemused Tristan. This is also, unfortunately the point Lisa came out of hiding under a desk, after watching them for a minute with her face a twisted mask of horror. She screamed loudly.
“EWWWWWW!!” and fled the room in near hysterics.
Chelsea and Tristan jumped apart and stared confusedly at the door Lisa had run through.
“Oh dear...” Tristan sighed. “We may have to cut this short my evil darkness/duchess?” Chelsea whined.
“But, but she looked more traumatised than outraged! She won’t tell anyone!”
“You looked like you were having such fun with Drake” Tristan copied Chelsea’s whining tone,
She gave him a glare before responding in a sultry voice
“But I’d much rather have fun with you.” Tristan smiled.
“Well as long as you’re sure we could stay a little longer.”
Chelsea smiled dreamily as she and Tristan continued where they left off.

.Lauren’s POV.

Where had Lisa got to? She couldn’t have gotten too far. Maybe she was hiding. Well if she wasn’t, she bloody well would be soon! Lauren had been searching for hours! Well, maybe not quite hours, but she had definitely asked plenty of people if they had seen her over the past few hours. In fact Lauren had done very little over the past few hours. Everyone had disappeared! Eloise had gone to see the school nurse, supposedly because she had gone into shock, though Lauren could see no reason why; she looked perfectly fine, but then Eloise was a human and they were always being injured somehow.
Wandering into an empty classroom, Lisa did tend to hide in strange places, she glanced around. Nothing! Lauren frowned; something was not right here. Catching sight of some movement out of the corner of her eye, Lauren turned- too late! Mr Gannon sprang, Lisa standing not too far behind shouting “Quick! get her!” Next thing Lauren knew, she was tied well and truely up. She doubted even a boyscout could have untied those knots.
“Now Lauren,” Professor Gannon began, peering patiently at her over his spectacles, “I’m afraid there have been a few...well let’s just say, ‘accidents’ around the school over the last few months. And I’m afraid that these accidents seem to be occurring with rather a lot more frequency when you are, let’s just say rather unhappy.”
“Mgnff!” hissed Lauren, her ears flattening; there was no way in any of the nine hells she was going to be lectured on her temperament by a fool like Professor Gannon! Narrowing her eyes at the traitorous Lisa, Lauren growled though she feared the menace in it had become somewhat muffled by the gag in her mouth. Not to worry; she would have her revenge!
“Now Lauren,” Professor Gannon began once more, shaking his head slightly he sighed, “this is the sort of attitude that has brought us into this situation.” Lauren rolled her eyes.
“Now I know you think this is pointless, but I promise you, that whatever we do it is only in your best interest. We are here to help you, both Lisa and I just want to help.” He smiled at her expectantly.
Lauren just grimaced, while shooting glares at Lisa who grew continually nervous.
“Now Lauren, will you cooperate Do you understand this need for these classes? After all, acceptance is the first step toward recovery.” Lauren grunted in ascent, not that she had much choice; she had seen that tazer hidden underneath Professor Gannon’s jacket, and she didn’t fancy the idea of having to see it again.
“Now Lauren, that wasn’t too hard was it? Good, now come on, follow me.”
Upon entering the Anger management class, Lauren felt her stomach drop; demons, semi-giants, and all manner of vicious creature sat in a ring of chairs in the centre of the room. She wanted out! What if a fight were to break out in here?! She was doomed!
“Now Lauren, don’t be shy,” came Professor Gannon’s calm voice as she felt him nudge her out of the doorway and further into the room.
“No one will judge you in here-“
“Hey it’s that weird cat girl!” shouted one of the demons. Lauren’s ears pricked up, shooting a glare at the speaker. Smirking at her, he started laughing. That’s it, demon or not he was going down! She was gonna smash that stupid smirk off his face! She was gonna rip his stupid red hair out of his stupid ugly head! She was gonna-
“No, no, no Lauren!” interrupted Professor Gannon, “I know what you’re thinking, but we can’t solve all our problems with violence.”
Lauren directed her glare at Professor Gannon, who merely smiled. The man was infuriating!
“Come take a seat Lauren, maybe you should sit next to Dante,” Professor Gannon motioned towards the smirking red headed demon. “We must learn tolerance for one another.”
Lauren groaned inwardly, but took a seat next to him anyway. She just made sure to move her chair as far from his as the circle would allow (though that wasn’t really all that far); she didn’t really fancy getting too close to the glaring harpy in the chair on the other side of her.
“Now class,” Professor Gannon began, “today we shall talk about saying ‘sorry’-.”
Lauren growled, he was going to single her out somehow wasn’t he?...
“I have here a tape recording, and I want you all to listen to it. This is a perfect example of the person we are trying to banish from us. This is the demon within that we must leave behind, figuratively speaking of course” he added quickly, catching sight of the ominous aura suddenly surrounding several of the demons. Lauren shuffled just a little further towards the Harpy.
“Ahem, yes. Well now, I guess I’ll put the tape on...” As Professor Gannon busied himself with finding the tape recorder, Lauren caught sight of the red headed demon, Dante staring at her.
“What?!” she hissed defensively. Pulling a face in retaliation, he asked,
“So how did you get conscripted into the afternoon AM classes? Most of us are only allowed into the school if we take those classes, but you don’t.” Raising an eyebrow he looked at her expectantly.
Grimacing, she seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, Lauren snapped
“It’s none of your business!” There was no way she was telling this boy that she had been captured, tied and then blackmailed. He’d never let it go! Lauren had only met a couple of demons in her time, but even she knew that few of them ever forgot much. Any sign of weakness, especially physical weakness, and she would never live it down. The whole school would know about it if he ever found out. Lauren could feel the heat creeping into her face at the very thought.
“Okay, now,” came Professor Gannon’s voice, “may I have a little silence? Good. I want you all to pay close attention.”
“—Eloise what the **** are you ****ing doing here? Were you here the whole time-“
Lauren felt the blood run from her face. How had he gotten that recording?! The room must’ve been bugged! Surely that was illegal! She could feel Dante’s condescending smirk on her right now. This class was going to be hell, she just knew it...

*Chelsea’s POV*

Kissing Tristan goodnight, probably a little longer than necessary, Chelsea turned and headed back down the corridor. That poor human girl seemed to have disappeared; Chelsea, Tristan and Drake had been searching for at least an hour, but to no avail. It was about 10pm now, and Chelsea was tired, though that was partially Tristan’s fault. She would just have to continue her search tomorrow. Hopefully Drake would turn up tomorrow too, as he seemed to have disappeared now as well. But that was okay, if he had skulked off somewhere she could find him. He always hung out in the same places when he was hiding. And there was no way he could leave the building, because in the morning even if he had walked the entire night, he wouldn’t have reached civilization or a place to shelter from the light yet. And he couldn’t drive because Chelsea had made sure she had stolen his car keys before even starting this adventure. He was trapped. Chelsea chuckled to herself. What a smart cookie she was. Well, now she was going to bed.

~Lisa’s POV~

Lisa awoke from her troubled night’s sleep feeling more tired than she had before going to sleep. Eloise’s bed lay empty, she still had not returned from the nurse’s office. And Lauren lay sprawled across her bed, though all her sheets, pillows and blankets lay strewn across the floor. She had been searching for something last night, but when Lisa had asked whether she needed help Lauren had just shaken her head muttering something about bugs. That of course made little sense as Lauren had never had a problem with them before, but Lisa had not questioned it. What it did mean was that Lauren had been up noisily searching for bugs all night, leaving Lisa little quiet for sleep.
Sighing, Lisa walked over to the upturned draw on the floor and set about cleaning up some of the draws contents that had been vigorously searched through and then thrown across the room. Hopefully Eloise would not nothice the cracks and chips in all her makeup and jewellery.
“Lisa!” Lauren’s muffled voice groaned, “be a little quiet would ya! Some of us are trying to sleep here.” Lisa sighed.
“Lauren, I’m a little worried about Eloise, she still hasn’t come back since going to the nurse’s office.”
“No Lauren, I’m really worried. She was really upset yesterday. I think something has happened to her.”
Glaring across the room at Lisa, Lauren mumbled something inaudible, though did, much to Lisa’s relief, eventually get up with much mumbling and groaning.
“I hope you’re happy,” she muttered. “I was having a wonderful dream. It’s dreams like that that make me wish I had a subconsciousness as graphic as Eloise’s.”
Lisa frowned.
“Do I want to know?”
“Let’s just say it involved a certain re-headed demon, a pair of pliers and various other torture instruments...Heh.” Lisa watched Lauren in disgust as Lauren’s normal evil laugh quickly turned into a sadistic cackle.
“Okay, well I’ll leave you to your fantasies but I’m going to find Eloise.”
“No wait! I’m coming too. It’ll give me a chance to practise saying...saying s- ...s-so-s-sorry!”
“Why do you need Eloise? Why couldn’t you apologise to me?” Lisa pouted.
“Pffft! Why do I need to say s—that word to you?” Lauren stared at Lisa, hands on hips. “I’m only doing this to fet out of the dumb AM class. And to prove to that STUPID BOY THAT I DON’T HAVE ANGER ISSUES! HE’S THE ONE WITH ISSUES!” Lauren cried, cracking her knuckles menacingly.
“You could’ve still apologised...”
“What for?”
“For being mean yesterday.”
Lauren frowned. Lisa could practically see the selective memory kicking into gear.
“I did no such thing!” Lauren declared angrily. Lisa recoiled slightly, which seemed to take Lauren slightly aback.
“Oh. Eh, sorry Lisa. I was starting to get a little angry there. Heh. It’s this new medication I’m on you see.”
“Oh. I-I see. It’s good you’re seeking help, the medication is a good idea-“
“That was SARCASM!”
“Ah! I see! Well I’m gonna go. Meet you at the nurse office later!” Lisa hurried out of the room and, not turning back, rushed her way down to the nurse’s office. As she approached Lisa noticed a crowd of outside the Nurses office door. Trying to calm the Nurse down was Mr Gannon, and several other teachers doing their best to keep the slowly growing crowd of observers away. Though they seemed to be having little success.
As Professor Gannon caught sight of Lisa, he quickly motioned her over, turning away form the hysterical Nurse.
“Lisa, I’m afraid that your friend has gotten into quite a state.” Glancing across at the young nurse he continues “Eloise got into quite a panic last night at about 2am, shouting things about murderous stalkers and then locked herself in a storeroom. The nurse has been worried sick trying to get her out. I was just wondering if maybe you could reason with her. With Eloise, not the nurse.”
“uh sure,” Lisa sighed weakly.
“Thankyou, and if you can’t get her out we have a plan B. We have sent for Professor Blackwood, he should be able to teleport himself into the storeroom and unlock the door should all else fail. The only problem we have is locating him. He wasn’t in his room all night. That’s why it would be best if you could get her out.”
“Of course.” Following Professor Gannon into the room, Lisa was led to a door in the corner of the room. Lisa could hear Eloise’s hysterical sobs.
“Lisa? Lisa!” came Eloise’s muffled voice from behind the door. “A-are you okay?!”
“Huh? Yeah I’m fine. Are you okay?” she asked cautiously.
“Is he gone...?”
“Is who gone?”
“Him! My stalker! He attacked me! He-he tried to kill me! A-and last night...He was there! In the bed next to mine! Asleep!” Lisa heard Eloise burst into a new round of sobs.
“Um, well there’s no one here except me, the nurse and Professor Gannon. You should come out.-”
“Never! He’ll find me! He will!”
“Who is he? Do you know his name?”
“I don’t –”
Suddenly Professor Blackwood walked in the door, his visually perfect hair slightly askew.
“I came as soon as I heard. I was...um...talking, yes. I was talking to one of my, heh, students about her...um...behaviour in class. Well, uh, yes.”
“All night?” asked Professor Gannon.
“Well let’s get started here shall we. We have a student who has locked herself in the storeroom and we need you to pop in there and unlock the door so we can get her out. Do you think you will have any problems? I know you need to be able to picture a place clearly to teleport...”
“No, that’ll be no problem. Let’s just say I know this storeroom fairly well. Some might even say ‘intimately’, heh.” Sighing wistfully, Professor Blackwood turned to Lisa, “You may want to stand back. This is always a little dangerous but I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Just a precaution.”
He closed his eyes in concentration and then he was gone. It was an odd sound, sort of an inverted pop. A second later Eloise screamed.
“Who the- where the – Arhhhhh!”
“Shush, I’m here to get you out.” Tristan turned to look at the door, or so the people outside assumed.
“How the hell did you do that? Where did all this stuff come from? How is it fitting?” There was a rattling. Lisa guessed he was trying to move something away from the door.
“Where the hell did you get superglue?... that’s it.” There was that weird pop noise again and Tristan and Eloise appeared. He had her in a head lock.
“I believe you lost something.” Then he dropped her to the ground.
“Right, I have to go...finish talking to that...bad student.” And he walked off.
Lisa stared in horror as she saw Professor Blackwood walk through the door. It was the pervert! The pervert was a teacher!! The image of him kissing that helpless girl flashed through her mind. She came out of her daze just as the perverted teacher disappeared with a strange pop. Lisa listened in anxiety as she heard Eloise’s muffled screams. And then it hit her! She had remembered Eloise mentioning a stalker next to her bed. Could this perverted stalker be the teacher!? It all made sense! But if that were true then...
Lisa was startled out of her thoughts as the teacher reappeared with Eloise in a headlock. He then dropped her on the ground and walked away. Lisa ran up to Eloise. She was lying on the floor in a daze.
“Eloise are you alright? He didn’t do anything to you did he?” Lisa asked in a panic while shaking Eloise.
“Who?” Eloise replied confused.
“The stalker!”
“Stalker!? Where?” Eloise looked around panic stricken, her eyes darting around the room like a wild rabbits.
Mr Blackwood stiffened and turned around to face Lisa, a look of recognition on his face.
“Quick run!!” Lisa shouted and grabbing Eloise’s hand ran down the hallway to their bedroom.

-Tristan’s POV-

Mr Blackwood blinked in amazement. Those girls were fast! Frowning he turned around and started to walk back the way he had come. He was in a bad situation. If that girl tattled on himhe would be in BIG trouble. He had to find her somehow and explain the situation. But for now he would have to tell Chelsea. He was disrupted from his thoughts as he crashed into someone.
“Oh, so sorry” he mumbled, glancing down at an irritated car-girl who had fallen on the floor. She glared up at him and stormed off.

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The Story (the new one) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story (the new one)   The Story (the new one) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 10:58 am

.Lauren’s POV.

Lauren stormed down the hallway, stroking her poor tail protectively which she had landed on after that rude person had knocked her down. She had wanted to tell him off but she figured it wasn’t worth her time. For now she had to meet Lisa and Eloise. She turned a corner and came to the nurse’s office. Mr Gannon and the nurse were standing outside.
“Hey” Lauren called as she approached them. “Have you seen Eloise and Lisa?”
“Hi Lauren. Yes they went that way” Mr Gannon smiled, pointing further up the hall. Lauren groaned with annoyance. Eloise and Lisa were disappearing way too often. It was tiresome and she was sick of having to look for them. With a sigh of exasperation, she walked off in the direction Mr Gannon had pointed to.
A couple of conversations later, Lauren arrived outside her room. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she opened the door and froze. There, hiding underneath the covers of her bed were two big lumps. Her eyes narrowed as a small hand pulled the sheets up a bit.
“I-is that you Lauren?” squeaked Lisa’s muffled voice. Lauren placed her hands on her hips and lifted and eyebrow.
“Okay what are you two doing in my bed?” she asked, trying to keep a straight face as Eloise’s head popped out from under the blanket. This sight was all too comical. Eloise glanced behind Lauren anxiously while Lisa burrowed deeper into the covers. There was a clanging sound and she emerged holding a water pistol. She pointed it at the door behind Lauren.
“Do you see him?” she asked Eloise in a frightened voice.
“No thank goodness. Lauren quick! Shut the door!” Eloise hissed frantically. Lauren shut the door feeling rather confused, and walked over to the bed.
“What’s going on?” she asked, trying to think of a logical explanation for her friend’s weird behaviour. Eloise glanced once more at the door and leaned in towards Lauren.
“I’m being stalked” she whispered, her voice trembling with terror. “He tried to kill me during the assembly...and then l-last night I was asleep in the nurse’s office and when I woke up ...he was there! In the bed next to mine!!”
Lauren frowned. Eloise was in quite a state. Whoever this stalker was, he was going to pay! But first she would have to calm Eloise down.
“That’s not all” Lisa suddenly blurted. “ He attacked Eloise when she was hiding in the closet.”
Eloise’s eyes widened.
“That was him? But how? I used superglue!”
“He can teleport” Lisa whispered secretively. “And he’s also a pervert! I saw him...to a girl. He-he kissed her...and-“she burst into tears. “He’s scary Lauren! I don’t want him to find us!” Lauren and Eloise exchanged worried glances. Then Lauren went over to the door and locked it.
“Don’t worry, he won’t get past me” she grinned maliciously. She paused for a moment as a thought occurred.
“By the way why are you hiding in my bed?”
“Yes Lisa why are we hiding here?” Eloise questioned. She had been so terrified that she hadn’t objected to Lisa’s ridiculous hiding sopt. Lisa shrugged.
“It’s a completely logical reason” she said innocently. “I figured if we couldn’t see him then he couldn’t see us either. And I was 74 and your bed seemed the safest.” Lauren sighed. Lisa could be such a child at times! She looked at Eloise. Her face was pale with exhaustion and there were big bags under her eyes.
“You need to sleep!” Lauren said in concern. Eloise yawned.
“I wanted to...but after last night I just couldn’t and now...” her eyes drooped. “...So tired” she mumbled and fell asleep. Lisa crept out of Lauren’s bed and ran up to Lauren, putting on the best puppy dog face she could muster.
“Lauren...I left my teddy bear in the nurse’s office” she said sadly.
“Well go and get it” Lauren said. Lisa widened her eyes pleadingly.
“Can you come with me? I’m 74” she pleaded. Lauren looked at Eloise. She didn’t think the stalker would know where their room was. And if they only left for a few minutes...
“Okay” she decided, causing Lisa to bounce happily and headed out the door. A couple minutes later they arrived at the nurse’s office. A dark figure stood in the middle of the room. Lauren looked at him suspiciously. He had blond spiky hair and bright blue eyes. He was fairly tall with a narrow build, and olive skin. He was looking nonchalantly at something he had picked up...something brown and furry...
“MY TEDDY!!” screamed Lisa, causing the guy to look up in surprise. He quickly concealed his shock with a mischievous smirk.
“Looking for this?” he taunted while dangling the teddy bear.
“Gimme” Lisa pleaded as she stretched out her arms to get the bear.
The guy’s eyes widened in amusement as he held the bear up out of the little girl’s reach.
“You know” he said.”It’s a pretty nice bear. I think I’ll keep it for myself.”
“Oh no you don’t” growled Lauren menacingly. “Give us the bear or else!”
“Or else what?” the blond boy sneered. “What are you going to do? Meow at me? Oh I’m so 74.” Lauren glared and pounced at him. She was about to claw him when he held the teddy bear up in front of her. Knowing how upset Lisa would get if she ruined her teddy bear, Lauren tried to retract her hand and collided into the curtains.
Lisa watched in an amazed kind of horror as the boy expertly wrapped the curtains round Lauren, further entangling her. An enraged hiss echoed throughout the room.
“What’s da matter? Is da widdle kitty cat all tied up?” the boy taunted; a wicked grin on his face. Lauren growled in a furious rage. This jerk was going to pay BIG time for this!!
The boy smirked smugly at her, a superior look on his face. Then, satisfied that she couldn’t escape, he turned towards Lisa, replacing his smirk with a wicked grin.
Lisa’s face turned chalk white as she fumbled in her pockets for her water gun. Taking it out she pointed it at the boy with trembling fingers.
“G-give me the teddy or I-I’ll shoot” she stammered. The boy chuckled in amusement and walked towards her. Lisa’s eyes widened in terror.
“Lauren” she wailed as the boy stopped and looked down at her with interest. Leaning down he stared at her intently and pinched her cheeks. Lisa squeaked in pain as he then squeezed the teddy bear.
“They’re the same” she heard him mutter curiously. Lisa again held out her arms.
“Please give my teddy back?” she begged putting on the best puppy dog face she could manage. The boy continued to stare at her unfazed by her puppy dog eyes. Then smirking he said
“Well I suppose I could give it to you...but then I’ll need a replacement. Do you still want it?” He held out the bear. Lisa snatched it and hugged it tightly, staring at the boy in confusion.
The boy smiled triumphantly.
“My name’s Jesse by the way. And I think I’ll call you Doll cause you’re so childish.” Lisa stared at him in confusion. Why was this creepy weirdo calling her a doll? Did she look like a toy? She stared at her teddy bear. She didn’t look anything like him! This guy was seriously confused!! And as for the other comment...
A low growl emitted from the curtains as Lauren sprang from her shredded prison. Seeing her chance, Lisa squirted the water pistol (which was actually filled with pepper spray) into Jesse’s eyes.
“Ow!” Jesse complained, rubbing his now red eyes, while just barely dodging Lauren. He narrowed his eyes and glared angrily at Lisa.
“I’ll forgive you this time but do something like that again and I won’t be so merciful” he warned. He stood at the doorway and playfully poked his tongue out at Lauren. “Cya round Doll. Bye Kitty” he smirked and left. Lauren charged out after him, followed closely by Lisa.
“Why that little...where did he go?! Lauren shouted as she looked wildly around. Lisa came to a stop and started to tremble uncontrollably.
“Uh Lisa, are you okay?” Lauren asked, noticing Lisa’s weird behaviour.
“He called me CHILDISH!!” she screeched in fury, causing Lauren to stagger back nervously. “How dare he call me a child with that superior smug look on his stupid face. Why I’m almost 17!! And I’m way more grown up than he is!! Which makes me WAY better than him!! I am mad! I am furious! I am ENRAGED!!”
Lauren stared in astonishment as Lisa continued to rant, her face turning red with fury. Then she remembered her own anger. That prick had treated her like a pet cat and had even called her a kitten!! He would not call her that and live to tell the tale. No. She was going to get even.
“Don’t worry Lisa. We’ll make him pay dearly” Lauren growled. Lisa bounced excitedly.
“Oh I know! Lets pull his hair out! And stick pins in his face! He won’t be able to smirk then! And then we can dress him up as a baby and put pictures of it all round the school.” Lisa snickered gleefully. Lauren looked at Lisa worriedly. She was acting rather strange. Lauren made a mental note never to call her a child or doll for that matter.
“I suppose we could do that...but perhaps we should do this as well” Lauren said. They walked back to their dormitory conspiratorially and continued to come up with revenge plans. Jesse didn’t know what was coming to him. By the end of tomorrow he would wish that he’d never been born!
*Chelsea’s POV*
Chelsea sighed regretfully as she woke up and realised that Tristan was still missing. What was she going to do now? She didn’t want to go back to sleep and without Tristan...
A short series of muffled footsteps outside the door brought Chelsea out of her thoughts. She sat up in excitement. Could it be Tristan? Bounding over to the door she swung it open only to find...Drake? What was Drake doing here again? Oh yeah! The punishment!
Chelsea smiled gleefully at the rather intimidated teen standing before her. Then, forcefully grabbing his hand, she skipped down the hallway, dragging a sulky Drake behind her.
Upon finally arriving at the human girl’s room, after asking at the school office for directions, Chelsea softly knocked on the door. When she didn’t get a response she opened the door, delighted that it hadn’t been locked. All the less effort for her!
Looking around the room she spotted the human girl, sleeping in one of the beds. Drake was muttering about letting her sleep and had started to head out the door when Chelsea sharply pulled on his ear and sauntered over to the girl’s bed. Nudging her gently and then more forcefully when she wouldn’t wake up, Chelsea pushed Drake in front of her and watched as the girl slowly opened her eyes. And screamed.
Lauren and Lisa were walking down the corridor exchanging revenge plans when an unearthly scream came from their room. Exchanging worried glances, they ran to see what was wrong.

-Eloise’s POV-
Eloise had been having a rather strange dream involving shoe shopping and superglue when she was rudely interrupted by someone nudging her arm. It was probably Lauren wanting her to get out of her bed. She rolled over and groaned. Stupid Lauren. Couldn’t she let her sleep in peace?
She wearily opened her eyes and froze. It wasn’t Lauren. It was him! That horrible guy had come to kill her again. An ear piercing scream escaped from her li[s as she shrank back in horror. She was going to die. He would kill her and she wouldn’t even be able to defend herself because she was tangled up in her sheets. Not that she could defend herself anyway. She had always been bad at self defence. In fact she had only passed because...wait this sounded familiar. Had she thought this before?
But no! Why was she thinking of such things now? She was going to die!
“Noooooo!” she screamed, as she rolled across the bed in a futile effort to disentangle herself. As she landed with a thud on the floor, Eloise gazed up in horror at her stalker. While feeling strongly reassured by her confining cocoon of blankets Eloise couldn’t help but feel that his purpose of being here alone with her in her bedroom was not quite as sinister as she had thought. Maybe he had come to confess his undying love? Or maybe he had come to ask her advice on how to ask out Lisa; after all she had seen him staring at Lisa earlier yesterday. Maybe...
Eloise’s fantasies trailed off into nothing as she noticed the presence of several other people in her room. A girl with long curled chocolate brown hair, and a rather short school skirt stood in the corner of the room with her arms folded and watching Drake disapprovingly. Another man was standing next to her. His hair was short, red and spiked and Eloise could see from the colour of his eyes that this guy was a demon. He was smirking.
“Um, what’s going on? Who are you?” asked Eloise, narrowing her eyes.
Just then Lauren and Lisa burst into the room.
“Keep away from her you...YOU!” Lauren’s voice changed tone as she spotted the smirking demon. His eyes narrowed and Lauren sprang at him. Eloise felt most distressed and confounded as an epic battle began between demon and cat girl.
The other girl shook her head in mock derision.
“Well I’m Chelsea, that’s Dante and THIS,” she said shaking Eloise’s mysterious stalker by the ear “is Drake.”
Just then Lisa began making some sort of hysterical squeaking noise.
“You...ep! In with...eq!...That creepy eqk! Kissing! Eqqkuk!”
The girl waved her hand at Lisa.
“Yes, yes there is time for that later.” Lisa fainted. “In the meantime Drake is here to say-”
Chelsea was cut off by a yell of pain from Dante and a triumphant yowl from Lauren. Chelsea scowled at the battling duo, then continued.
“..Something to you, human.”
As Drake opened his mouth there was a loud crashing sound as Dante swung Lauren, attached to his arm by her teeth, into a table. Drake took his chance and mumbled something. Eloise frowned, here was her stalker trying to say something of possibly vital importance and all Lauren could do was make too much noise with her new playmate.
He mumbled again. Eloise was really cranky now. Before she could say anything Chelsea smacked Drake on the back of the head.
“Louder!” she demanded. Drake looked completely and utterly depressed.
“I’m...sorry for stalking you” he finally managed to choke out. Chelsea glared at him.
Eloise thought Chelsea’s question sounded more like a demand. Duestion? Quemand? He he, she liked her new words. Oh wait, he’s saying something else pay attention now.
“And I’ll be your...slave...for the next five weeks.” Eloise started in surprise. Lisa got up from her faint and stared. Lauren and Dante stopped mid-fight. Lauren was sitting on his back, claw stopped just before his face. Dante had her other arm and had stopped mid twist.
“I didn’t know about that part” Dante tried to hold in hysterics, and failed. He fell over laughing. Lauren fell down with Dante and started to laugh too...though her laugh indicated she had some maniacle plan in mind.
Lisa looked gobsmacked, then she grinned evilly. This could make her plans against Jesse that much easier.
Chelsea looked supremely satisfied.
Drake looked crestfallen.
-Tristan’s POV-
Tristan was worried. Where on earth could Chelsea be? He was in desperate need of a hiding place, and Chelsea seemed to have a limitless knowledge of the school’s unusual class rooms, forgotten corridors and abandoned bath rooms. How she had managed to acquire this knowledge was not something he really wanted to contemplate.
Walking down another dormitory corridor he stopped upon hearing some sort of commotion. He considered ignoring it, but that would mean he would get in trouble from the vice principle (she always found out somehow) and then get sent to the principle...which was really too horrible to contemplate...
The sight that greeted him upon opening the door left him speechless for a few moments. The pixie girl, Lisa he thought her name was, had the most malicious look he had ever seen on her face... which was made all the more scary because the look was being worn by something as cute as a pixie.
Then his eyes drifted to the corner of the room from which the noise was coming. A cat girl and a demon had collapsed in a heap that looked like it belonged to a failed game of extreme twister. And they were laughing their heads off...weird. He turned his gaze towards the last group of people in the room. There was Drake who looked like the most miserable person alive..well as alive as a vampire gets. There was a stunned looking Eloise in bed and...Chelsea. He should have known she’d be at the centre of a drama.
“What is going on here?” Tristan demanded in his best -I’m a teacher and an adult I know more than you – voice.
Chelsea squealed happily, then turned her cheek to face him and tapped it. He frowned. What was she thinking?!
“This is neither the time nor the place” he said trying to sound as if he had some sort of control in the situation.
“It is the time and place if I so decide and if you don’t then you ain’t getting nothing so suck it!” Chelsea paused a moment. “Oh wait! I won’t so there!” she laughed at him. Now that was just plain mean...and oh so sexy...trying to maintain some form of dignity, he kissed Chelsea ____ on the cheek. It was very hard to limit himself to that but he managed it. Then he heard a scream from behind.
“It’s the pervert!” the pixie screamed. “Lauren help!!!”
The cat girl stopped laughing and disentangled herself from the demon. Just as it looked like she had managed it and was about to head his way, the demon yanked her tail and pulled her over. The girl yowled and smacked him. He stopped laughing and a fight began, he had the feeling this was not the first time. Tristan was just about to say something of great importance when suddenly a bell rang. So he changed what he was going to say.
“BREAKFAST” both Tristan and Drake cried.
Though Drake was looking hungrily at Eloise as he said it. Chelsea smacked him.
Meanwhile, Dante was struggling to untangle himself and ended up kicking Lauren in the process of his rush to get to breakfast. He then raced out of the room followed closely by a furious Lauren screaming death threats. Chelsea and Tristan glanced at each other secretively and then walked off, leaving Eloise, Lisa and Drake.
-Drake’s POV-
Drake stared at Eloise, weighing up his chances of eating her with no reprisals from Chelsea. Deciding it was not going to happen, he figured it would be best to lead her to the dining hall because if anything at all happened to her Chelsea would blame him. Looking around the room awkwardly, he cleared his throat.
“Um, well maybe we should, uh, make our way down to breakfast-”
“Now hang on a second,” interrupted Eloise, wearing a look on her face that Drake could only describe as ...Pained.
“Let me get this right.” Drake looked down at her expectantly (she really was a lot shorter than he remembered), “You, are a stalker.”
Drake narrowed his eyes.
“Uh, yeah. I guess you could use the word “stalker”...”
Eloise nodded thoughtfully, her face still pained.
“And somehow you know all the random people who suddenly burst into our room a few minutes ago. And somehow they all know me. And Lauren.” she added quickly. “Are they stalking me too?”
She frowned at him.
“No...” he began slowly, “Though I will admit, I’m not exactly sure how Chelsea knew who you were, or where you sleep, or your show size...but I wouldn’t be too worried....” he trailed off uncertainly.
Staring back up at him, she continued, “So, you’re going to be...my slave? For five weeks?”
“Uh, yeah. Unless you don’t want that of course!” he raised his eyebrows questioningly.
Eloise narrowed her eyes.
“You’re not getting out of this! Do you know how many sleepless nights I suffered! How I was too paranoid to sleep with the light off! I haven’t been able to bring myself to walk anywhere without any pepper spray. Or my trusty safety talisman!”
Drake looked at her sceptically.
“Safety talisman?”
Eloise slowly pulled something out of her pocket. Something strange, something moist, something covered with pocket lint. A strange smell seemed to be emanating from it.
“What the hell is that?!” Drake noticed Lisa recoil from the smell. In her hand there sat a strange shrivelled thing, tied together with red brown string.
“This is a safety talisman the Black Magic Club were kind wnough to make me.”
“But what is it?”
Eloise stared at him in horror.
“You think I would give away the secrets of the BMC?! Never.”
“Is...is that a cabbage leaf?”
“Eh! N-no! It is not a curst/cursed? Cabbage leaf wrapped around a blessed chicken sacrificed on a full moon and then tied together with a piece of used surgical thread than has been charged with the mystical energies of the new moon! How could you even think that?!” Eloise glared at him.
“Are you a member of the Black Magic Club?” he asked, folding his arms.
“Pfft! Me?! A member of the BMC?! Do I look like a member of the Black Magic Club?!”
He looked at her sceptically.
“No, you don’t quite strike me as the black magic member type...”
“Damn right I don’t! I’m the founder of that club! Well, co founder. But a founder none the less.” She declared pointing her finder at Drake accusingly.
“Yes, it’s a long story. Basically, like you, I went through a phase.” Drake raised his eyebrows questioningly. “I too believed I was a vampire for a while. But don’t worry, this phase will pass.”
“Huh? But...but I am a vampire.”
Eloise sighed, shaking her head. Drake stared at her. Was this girl being serious?! A co founder of the creepy Black Magic Club! She was a blond haired halfwit who was terrified of her own shadow! How had she managed to become interested in Black Magic? And what did she mean by telling him he was only deluded into thinking he was a vampire?! After three hundred or so years of drinking blood, of being unable to stand the sunlight, of being deathly allergic to garlic, you would think he would know whether or not he was a vampire.
“Anyway, you’re interrupting my story,” Eloise started, pursing her lips. Drake glowered at her.
“Anyway. So I was in my vampire phase. It was during this time I lost a lot of friends. People started to avoid me. And so I was all alone.” Drake rolled his eyes. “It was then I met Nathanial. He was alone like I was, abandoned for the same reason I was; he suffered from the delusion that he was a vampire. Together we attended counselling and soon we became good friends, due to having many common interests, such as Black Magic. When we came to school we both decided to use our experiences for the better of the community by forming the Black Magic Club. Here we can help others who suffer from the same affliction we used to, to assist others by performing rituals or giving out amulets of luck or good health. Here we can make a real difference!”
“If it’s so ‘good’, why do you call it the Black magic club? He asked irritably.
“Cause it sounded cool.” Eloise shrugged. “So tell me vampire boy, are you going to try and bite me again?” Drake glared at her. If only that stupid pixie wasn’t in here, he would take her down right this instant.
“No. I won’t.”
“Okay then!” she said smiling. “You can carry all my books for class down to breakfast for me so I don’t have to come back.”
Drake stared at her flatly. She was really starting to get on his nerves! Only five minutes ago she had been cowering under the sheets with fright and yet here she was now, ordering him around with absolute confidence. Who did this girl think she was? He would kill her right now if it wasn’t for that darn Chelsea.
“Ahem, I’d like to eat breakfast before Christmas please” Eloise stated, tapping her foot against the floor impatiently. Drake gritted his teeth and angrily grabbed the books off Eloise’s desk. That darn human was getting way too comfortable. Well she was in for a surprise. HE would find a way out of this mess and once he did she would pay. He snorted as he recalled part of their earlier conversation. Deluded vampire? Hah! She would soon see that he was the real thing....very soon.
Upon reaching the dining hall Eloise paused and looked around for Lauren. She soon noticed her sitting next to Dante. They were slapping (or in Lauren’s case whacking) each other with fish. Eloise sighed. This called for a change in seating plans. There was no way she wanted to smell like fish in her first class of the day. Eloise walked over to an empty table, followed by a reluctant Drake. Lisa had left them earlier when she had noticed a table full of sweets. Eloise turned to Drake.
“You can go fetch my breakfast now,” she smiled. “I’d like the blueberry pancakes and tea, white, no sugar.” Drake glared at her. He was so tempted to kill her right now. No one was looking anyway. He could be quick enough that no one would notice. His gaze locked on Eloise’s neck, causing her to shift uncomfortably. He was about to lean in and bite her when suddenly a hand grabbed his head and smashed it into the table.
“Hi again” Chelsea smiled at Eloise, sitting in the chair next to Drake. Tristan sat on the other side of her. Drake groaned in both pain and frustration. There went his chance of freedom.
“So are you all ready for your first exciting class?” Tristan positively beamed. “It is with me! Yay for art!!” Chelsea looked Tristan over critically.
“What is up with you today?” Tristan grinned madly.
“A complete lack of sleep, running off adrenaline and the massive amount of coffee and endorphins has left me in a rather excitable state, my dear!” Chelsea frowned.
“And the stylised language is a result of this?”
“Why my dear, you are catching on quite quickly!”
Dante and Lauren dizzily wondered over.
“Don’t you dare bring your troublesome quarrels over to my table” Eloise exclaimed, naturally slipping into the same speech pattern as Tristan.
“Nah...we declared a truce when we started seeing double” Dante said in a rather out of it voice. Eloise frowned not quite believing him.
“No matter,” she turned to Tristan. “Why on earth did you spend the entirety of the night awake?”
“Well Miss Bonner, I was put into flight for fear of my virtue,”- Chelsea snorted at this comment-“for our dear principal Mr Lukenoff has, well, designs upon me!”
Jaws dropped in shock...well those who understood half the conversation anyway.
“I’m sorry, what did you say about the principal?” Drake asked after returning with Eloise’s breakfast. An awkward silence ensued.
The sound of the principal’s voice booming across the room finally broke the silence. Drake noticed smirks appear on everyone’s faces, apart from Chelsea who was scowling. Speaking into the microphone he said, “Good morning students, I hope you’re all pumped and ready for school today! Now is the time for you all to buckle down and prepare yourselves to work hard and apply yourselves and – Oh Tristan! I’ve been looking for you all morning! Heh! Please come and see me in my office after this assembly, I have some things I wish to...discuss with you.”
Everyone in the room seemed to look at Tristan.
“Oh, uh...um. I- uh can’t. I-I’ve got to, um...” Then, catching sight of Eloise. “I’ve got to get to class early and talk to one of my students about her art..”
The principal frowned.
“Very well. I’ll see you at recess.”
Everyone looked at Tristan smirking. Tristan appeared to look slightly ill.
“I’m not going anywhere alone today!” he declared, the thought of a principal attack sobering him out of the strange state he had been in. “I know, I’ll ask Minato to come with me!”
Chelsea frowned.
“You mean Mr Sanada, the weird Asian cat-guy?”
“What do you mean by weird?”
“He has a sculpture he made of you! Are you sure you want another person with a thing for you hanging around?”
“Yes, that’s perfect! He’ll get all jealous and won’t let Mr Lukenoff do anything! He can be scary enough when he’s emotional!”
“Yes it is one of the main traits of our people” Lauren practically purred.
What came next was probably Dante’s fault but he said it was all Lauren’s.
“Your species?! Scary?” There was a pause. “You’re all a bunch of fraidy cats!”
To anyone else this would have seemed a pathetic insult, but to a cat warrior of honour this required satisfaction. There was a sound that was somewhere between a hiss and a roar and all hell broke loose as demon and ca-girl attempted to destroy each other with spoons. Had this been somewhere private it would have simply become some epic death match again, but because it was in a public space, other demons and cat people responded to the call. The rest of the school opted for hiding under the tables.
Diving under the table, into the chaos, he scanned the crowd. He was gonna get that dumb blonde human brat.
Glancing to his left he saw that Eloise was now huddling under a table....five tables away...how did she go so quickly?
Lisa was not happy. Just as Tristan started to defend Mr Sanada, Eloise had quickly and quietly pulled Lisa under a table.
“Deja Vu Lisa!” she whispered heatedly, then speedily crawled away. Lisa sighed. The reason Eloise was at this high school instead of a human one was that she had powers. However, Eloise’s powers had yet to become controllable, reliable, consistent and strong. Eloise may well have a sense of Deja Vu but this did not mean it was in any way connected to precognition. She decided to follow Eloise to ensure no harm came to her poor helpless human friend. However, she only got halfway before she was blocked by a knot of battling students. Deciding it would be safer to return underneath the table, Lisa shuffled back the way she had come.
Meanwhile, Drake was still attempting to find, maul and then kill Eloise, so far unsuccessfully... Ahh!! There she was! Cowering under a table- looking all yummy and edible and 74 and in need of protection....so that he could eat her himself. Yeah that was it. Not because she made him want to hold her and rub her back till she felt better. Nope not at all. He was suddenly brought back to real life when he noticed a food tray heading directly for Eloise’s head. Drake jumped and landed on top of Eloise, taking the tray to the head in her place. It must have been thrown by Lauren, because it hurt so much it made his fangs pop out and he hissed close to Eloise’s face.

Tristan slid his hand up Chelsea’s stockinged calves, stopping when he reached her knees so he could pull her into a better position. His hands continued their slow wandering up her thighs. Chelsea purred. Her mouth had been attached to his neck and when his hands slip all the way up to squeeze her hips, she bit down and he buckled. Chelsea’s mouth sought Tristan’s as their hands freely roamed. Chelsea had the first few buttons on Tristan’s shirt undone and his tie off, Tristan had returned the favour and slipped her bra off. Things were just getting good when the principal started calling him.
“Tristan? Tristaaaan!”
“Grrrr” Chelsea’s purr turned to a growl.
“I hate him” her voice had gone icy at being interrupted. The principal continued his search.
“That’s it. I’m ending this” and with that she slipped out from under Tristan and sought out Lauren and Dante.

Lauren was finally getting the upper hand. She just needed to manoeuvre his leg and – dammit! He’d got out of it. This was taking a long time and it probably didn’t help that everyone was fighting...or at least the demons and the cats. She could see Chelsea making her way towards them. No one seemed to want to fight her though. Suddenly she was next to them, tapping her on the shoulder.
“Hey Lauren, isn’t there, like a law that says if a cat person is in a fight with a suitable male, and it is declared even because no winner is found after a certain amount of time they have to marry? Remind me how long is that time? An hour and a half right? Well you’ve got, like fifteen minutes left.”
She said it loud enough that everyone could hear, and every cat and demon in the cafeteria ran.
“Right” said Chelsea. “I’m off to class Mr Lukenoff. I expect you’ll have this cleaned up by lunch.” She sounded authoritative and despite the fact that she was braless, her buttons were mostly undone, her shirt askew and hi thigh highs had a ladder in them, (sexed is how Tristan would put it) everyone in the room scattered to do exactly what she told them too. Though on the way out Tristan smacked her arse. He loved her no arguments tone...

Lauren was still shaking even after showering, changing, getting her books and going to class. After Chelsea’s reminder of tribal law, she hadn’t been able to get Dante off her mind. But then, maybe thats what he wanted...keep her so preoccupied that he could sneak up and attack her, or maybe he would drag their next fight out long enough that she’s have no choice but to surrender unless she wanted to marry him. He was fiendish enough to make her go through with it too....maybe he was acting or maybe it wasn’t him who had set it up. Maybe it was her subconscious. It could well be, she had never trusted that evil minx part of herself. Lauren was sure it was hiding bits of her own memories from her...

Eloise frowned, she was sure Drake wasn’t really a vampire...but then she’s seen his fangs pop out when he’d hissed not to mention the preternatural speed needed to reach her before the tray hit her. Arrrrgh this was frustrating! But then again, she reminded herself, most of the students here seemed to have supernatural speed and strength, and is someone was fanatic enough to go around draining a person of blood, surely getting fang implants was nothing! He was a weird one for sure.
“What’s up?”
Eloise was ripped from her musings by a familiar voice, “Oh, I was just thinking, sorry.”
“You’re also here early for our club’s meeting” Nathaniel remarked, considering her with a dark brooding stare. She shrugged,
“Someone offered to take all my school books back to my room so I got here early. Oh and I have a, uh, friend coming to our clubs meeting, don’t worry he won’t get in the way.”
“ ‘He?!’, uh, I mean, who? A classmate?”
“Drake something. And he’s not quite a ‘classmate’, more of a deluded stalker, who actually hates me and is only hanging around me because he was blackmailed by his friends. But he’s a nice enough guy. You’ll like him.”
Nathaniel seemed relieved for some reason.
“Oh okay. Is he interested in joining the club at all?”
“No, but I do think it would be beneficial for him. He thinks he’s a vampire you see. It might help him to see that he’s not alone in his affliction. I thought maybe you could talk to him.”
Nathaniel frowned.
“Please, Nathaniel. It would mean a lot to me.” And it would mean I don’t have to constantly watch my back when he’s around, she thought.
He sighed,
“Okay, but only because you asked me to. So do you wanna help me set up for the meeting?”
“Sure! That’s what I’m here for.”
As they set up chairs in a circle, and prepared the candles, herbs and toenails for todays ritual, all the members began to arrive.
“Oh Drake!” Eloise squeaked, dropping the cursed pumpkin seeds on the alter, “Over here! I have someone I want you to meet before the meeting starts.”
She led him to Nathaniel who was donning his black ceremony cape and mask.
“Nathaniel, this is Drake.” Nathaniel paused, mask in hand.
“You!” he roared at Drake, glaring furiously.
“Uh, hello.”
“Don’t you dare speak to me! Get the hell out of this room and keep away from Eloise!”
“What the hell is your problem.” Drake muttered.
“You bit my mother!”
“It was consentual.”
“You’re the reason I thought I was a vampire for all these years!”
“Oh, sorry about that.”
“Get the hell away from me! Get out now!”
Drake looked at Eloise.
“Maybe you should go” she mumbled.
He nodded and made his way through the room and out the door.

Lisa stormed back to her room, her free period was right before lunch, so she had plenty of time to sulk and sulk she would. The battle had not been a good start to the morning, the table that had contained all of her sugary breakfast cereals had been totalled. Then Lauren had spent an abnormal amount of time in the shower and then had come out muttering and mumbling and generally behaving in a way that had put poor Lisa on edge. Things had just gotten worse in art class because the pervy teacher had been hanging around her normal Art teacher Mr Sanada and it seemed Tristan Mcpervy had been right about normal seeming Sanada having a creepy side. He’d been so distracted that she’d had to ask the person next to her for help. And that person had been none other than the creepy guy who had tried to steal her teddy! Or so she had thought at first, but he had soon convinced her otherwise. He had actually been pretty nice, but then she had found out he had a twin sister. So that teddy thief had actually been a girl! She guessed it made more sense. What kind of guy would want a teddy bear anyway? The rest of her classes had been frustrating, dreary and dull. She had wanted to tell her news to Lauren and Eloise but Eloise was too busy thinking of mean things to make Drake do to gossip with her and Lauren... well she was still acting paranoid and was in no fit state to talk to. Lisa’s day so far had been crap!!
As she turned down the corridor to her room, she growled as she spotted a familiar figure standing in the corridor and blocking the door to her room! She decided to make a pre-emptive strike.
Her tormentor screamed and fell over as she tackled him.
“Am I a doll now tomboy?!” Lisa laughed maniacally.
“What are you talking about?” cried the much cornered Jesse.
“You can’t fool me” sneered Lisa, “You‘re just saying that so I’ll think you’re actually your nice brother, but I know you’re actually his evil twin sister. If I let you go then you’ll turn on me and steal my teddy! Well I won’t let you!”
“Wait, I’m not a girl! You’ve got it all wrong!” Jesse cried.
“You can’t fool me! You’re even wearing the same clothes as yesterday!” Lisa snarled. She crushed his head further into the ground.
“Help somebody please!” Jesse screamed, rather convincingly.
Now Lisa was seriously confused.
That was around the time Chelsea walked past. She saw them, stopped and smiled.
“Sigh, foreplay...” Then continued on.
“I demand another teddy to make up for the one you tried to steal!”
That made Chelsea pause. Jesse only ever stole when...oh no.
“Ahhhh, get off me!” Chelsea grabbed Lisa and set her down on the floor, pulled Hesse up by the hand and began fixing his hair. Lisa stood fuming, confused and a little 74 by Chelsea’s strength.
“Lisa. Jess really is a nice guy.” She was currently re-parting his hair. Jesse was pouting and giving her the puppy dog eyes. He was also holding her around the waist.
“She accosted me, I was coming to apologise, when she tackled me. And then she accused me of being you.” He sounded surprisingly similar to a two year old.
Lisa stared at Chelsea and Jesse. Was this what they called incest? She startled as she heard Jesse. “And she accused me of being you.” Wait a second. What was going on? Now Lisa was really really confused.
Chelsea was cooing at him.
“It’s okay honneey bee, I’m here”
Jesse’s face suddenly changed, his stance became confident, his voice deeper.
“Yes you are.” His smile was anything but nice.
Chelsea continued to pat his hair, he pulled her closer.
“You see Lise, Jesse and I have slightly split personalities. Because we are twins, when we are around each other, we kinda swap. And because I’ve been away from him, he’s not wuite used to controlling it yet.”
As she spoke, Jesse pulled her head next to his.
“Let’s go see if we can rig the principal’s seat to blow and the P.A. system to play that Blink song.” He whispered. Chelsea smiled.
“Lisa, Jesse will bring you another teddy and he’ll apologise, I’ll send him around alter.”
“Wait!” Lisa started. “...so .. you’re not a girl?”
Jesse smirked.
“Yeah doll, later.” And he kissed Lisa.
Chelsea skipped off holding Jesse’s hand thinking happily of the principal’s reaction when his chair blew up. Lisa sunk to the floor, enlightened as to Jesse’s weirdness but thoroughly upset. Her first kiss had been stolen by a weirdo. Oh, oh no. This was not a good day!

Tristan shuddered; he was really really really in trouble this time. The principal had caught him and Chelsea “at it” and had photographic evidence. He had pulled them both to his office but had made Chelsea wait outside. Tristan squeezed his hands nervously. It was at times like this that he wished he could be as calm and authoritative as Chelsea. She hadn’t batted an eye when she had been summoned. She had been so calm and composed that it was almost as if she knew this was going to happen. But then, she had been really upset when the principal had sent her out of the office.
The principal had the photos spread out on his desk. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he gathered up the photos and forced a smile.
“Tristan. It seems that I haven’t kept a good enough eye on you. To be abused so...thoroughly by this evil creature. Do you know why these were given to me? These photos have been sent to break up our deep and profound love. –Tristan gagged- But don’t worry, I have not given up on you because of something as meaningless as these. My love is limitless. And we will show this by taking better photos of our passionate relationship. I already have the camera set up.”
Tristan’s eyes widened in horror.
“Wait...you don’t mean..”
“Why yes I do Tristan. Now come here. You’ve been a naughty boy.”
Sweat trickled down Tristan’s neck. His eyes anxiously darted around the room for an escape route. He made for the door.
“Oh don’t worry about that Tristan. I already locked it. Wouldn’t want anyone intruding now would we?”
Tristan stopped and turned around. The principal was smiling while jangling a key in one hand. Tristan stepped forward slowly. This was it. He was trapped and there was nothing he could do about it. He was going to be scarred for the rest of his life after today. He was so 74; he could hear his heart beating.
Tick tick tick tick tick.
Wait, was that his heart?
Tick tick tick BOOM!!!!
Tristan was flung back as the principal’s chair exploded. Groggily pulling himself up, he looked at the place where the principal had been. The chair had taken most of the impact. It was hardly even recognisable anymore. It was now a pile of burnt ash. The principal was spread out over the floor. It looked like he was unconscious, but there was no way Tristan was going to check.
A moment later, the door swung open and Chelsea sauntered in, followed closely by Jesse who had a detonator in his hand.
“Did he film it?” Chelsea asked, walking around the office and then spotting the camera. Laughing, she took it. This would make good blackmail material for later. Then, spotting Tristan she hurried over and hugged him.
“Are you all right? I’m sorry you had to go through that, but it was worth it right? The principal will think twice now before laying his grimy little hands on you.” Chelsea smiled.
Tristan stared at her in shock. She’d planned this?! Wow...
As Tristan gaped at Chelsea in both shock and awe, Chelsea wrapped an arm round his neck.
“Wanna continue where we left off?” she asked leading Tristan out of the room. Jesse meanwhile was fiddling with the P.A. system by reprogramming it on the principal’s laptop. With a cry of triumph, he clicked a button and a song started playing through the speakers on full blast.
The principal stirred.
“Hurry up Jesse” Chelsea called through the door.
“Coming! Just gotta get this virus working. Ahah! Let’s see you try to fix this” Jesse smirked and shut the laptop roughly. With a satisfied smile, he grabbed the principal’s key off the desk and walked out, locking the door behind him and tossing the key out a nearby window along with the detonator. It would self destruct soon enough, so it didn’t matter if anyone found it.

Lisa slowly got up, her face a hot shade of pink. The kiss had replayed itself in her head a dozen times. Her first kiss. That she would never have again! She had always imagined her first kiss to be romantic, one a beach when the sun was setting, or after a fantastic date by a handsome, intelligent, and nice guy who would do anything she wanted. Not by some arrogant freak who had tried to steal her teddy. Lisa felt absolutely horrible. Maybe she could erase her memory somehow? But she’d have to get revenge first. No one was going to ruin her life and get away with it! But then what if he kissed her again? No! She couldn’t allow that to happen. She’d have to find some way to protect herself from this pervert!!
A loud noise interrupted Lisa’s thoughts. Blocking her ears she glared at a nearby speaker angrily. She couldn’t think with this racket. Looking around the hall to make sure no one was there, Lisa walked to a nearby window and jumped out of it. She landed near a lake and dumped her face in it to get rid of any remaining boy germs. She needed some sort of shield for her face so that she wouldn’t get kissed again. Something that couldn’t be pulled off too easily. Ah hah! She could buy a mask!
The nearest shop was at least a day’s drive away, but if she flew without her shoes on then she could get there and back a lot faster. Only Eloise and Lauren knew this, but Lisa was a fairy and so had to always wear weights in her shoes. Although she could change her size from her original tiny self to that of a regular human, she couldn’t change her weight yet and so she had to wear weights or she would be blown away by the wind. The weather forecast had said there would be no wind today so she figured she’d be fine. She took her jacket off and folded it around her waist, revealing a pair of opaque white wings. In a flicker of light she had disappeared.

Lauren glared warily at Dante. She knew he was up to something. He hadn’t made one taunt or attacked her once, all through class. He must’ve been planning something big. Or maybe he was doing nothing on purpose so that she’d think that and get distracted so he could attack her.
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